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Recording "Holiday Time Is Here"
with The Chambers School Choral Ensemble

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Prof. "Louie" & the Crowmatix have recorded "Holiday Time is Here"
a new original holiday song at their studio, LRS Recording Studios, Hurley, NY
with The Chambers School Choral Ensemble .
These 15 students, all eight and nine years old from the Kingston, NY area,
sang beautiful harmonies throughout.

Prof."Louie" with
Choral director
Mona J. Stovall

Prof."Louie" engineering
Anna Brett: Principal

The Chambers School Choral Ensemble
and Mona J. Stovall

The kids recording a vocal track

The Professor showing
kids how to mix...

Laying down more vocals

Prof."Louie" making the
proper adjustments

Miss Marie &
Mona J. Stovall

Getting ready to track

Miss Marie singing
with the kids

Prof. "Louie" plays
the piano

Miss Marie tracking
her vocal

Getting ready
for the next take

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