Woodstock Records Photo Page

(Photos by Marie Spinosa,Diane Weddeke & Kathleen and contributors (c) 2001)
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Professor Louie &The Crowmatix 2001

Professor Louie & The Crowmatix
2001 Alternate Press photo

Professor Louie & Miss Marie

Professor Louie & Graham Parker
at NRS Studios

Prof. Louie/Dave Cook
with Graham Parker
Working on Grahams new CD

Prof.Louie & The Crowmatix w/ Meg Griffin

Prof. Louie at Sirius Studios

Mike Dunn & Gary Burke
at Sirius Studios

Bassman - Mike Dunn
at Sirius Studios

Prof.Louie & Mike Dunn
at Sirius Studios

Miss Marie & Mike Dunn
Recording at Sirius Studios

Prof. Louie - Mike Dunn - Meg Griffin
Gary Burke - Miss Marie
finish recording session

Photos by: Diane Weddeke & Miss Marie

Gary Burke - Drums
Prof.Louie - Keyboards

Miss Marie beltin the blues

Mike Dunn - Bass
& Gary Burke - Drums

Mike Demicco - Guitarist and
Crowmatix Montana RV

Prof. Louie - Wailin on the accordion

Quentin Ryan
- Exec. Producer from Breeze Hill
& Prof. Louie

Mike Demicco waits on
while promoter Beth Davis announces
the band

Rita Spinosa with her friend
Lydia selling merchandise.

Gary Burke

Mike Dunn - Miss Marie
& Gary Burke

WBAI Radio

Lance Neal of WBAI
& Prof. Louie


Anthony Of Tribeca Blues
& Prof. Louie

Prof. Louie & Michael Falzarano (right)
& The Zen Tricksters

Prof. Louie - WBAI

Jay Unger - Violin
Prof. Louie warming up
on Dancing On The Air/WAMC

Mike Dunn & his new
acoustic bass

WAMC - Sam Zucchini + Gary Burke
Mike Demicco

Stanhope House - New Jersey

Prof. Louie & Gary Burke
relaxing backstage at Stanhope House

STANHOPE HOUSE - Stanhope,New Jersey
Photos By Diane Weddeke & Miss Marie

Miss Marie

Mike Demicco & Miss Marie

Miss Marie

Prof. Louie taking a break

Tribeca Blues - New York City
Photos By Kathleen Coleman

Michael Falazarano & Miss Marie
Mike Demicco

Rita Spinosa
& Miss Marie selling those CDs

Prof. Louie & The Crowmatix with
special guest Garth Hudson

Michael Falazarano,Miss Marie
+ Prof. Louie & Mike Demicco

Garth Hudson jamming

Miss Marie - Michael Falazarano
Danny Sheehan and Rita Spinosa partying

Rita Spinosa and Country Joe
True fans of Prof. Louie & The Crowmatix

Rita Spinosa and Michelle Flynn
dancin' to the band

Tobacco Road - New York City
Photos By Kathleen Coleman

Tom "Bones" Malone - Sax
with Miss Marie

Prof. Louie & The Crowmatix
with special guest:
Tom "Bones" Malone

Prof. Louie & The Crowmatix
with special guest:
Garth Hudson

Prof. Louie & The Crowmatix
with Miss Marie
on keyboard

Road Pics

Saint Pascal Fair

Saint Pascal Fair Marquee

Prof. Louie & Mike Dunn
In front of The Metro - Detroit,Mich.

The Crowmatix with Crow & Moose

All photos are (c) 2001 Woodstock Records & Photographers and may not be used without permission.